About Agnes

Agnes Prescott grew up on a farm in the swiss mountains and was always deeply connected to nature.  As she raised her kids, she would try to sooth them with teas and herbs and mostly that was successful.  She was introduced to Reiki for the first time in around 1995 and new even then that that was her calling. She took the first Reiki classes in 2005 and has never stopped helping people with it. About 2 years later she started teaching Reiki.  In 2010 her husband was diagnosed to stage 4 kidney cancer and she and her friends used Reiki extensively. It was then that she was guided to research and follow natural treatments supporting the allopathic treatments he received.  With determination and many hours of preparing the right foods she also came across herbs that could help in the treatment. At first, she followed recipes that she would find on the internet to make her first tinctures. As an avid collector of mushrooms that passion grew and in 2018 she attended a local herbal school. She is continuing the study of herbalism and now is combining herbs and Reiki as a way to heal body, mind and spirit. Her husband has survived 8 ½ years now and still has good quality of life.

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269 E. Main Street

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

(503) 816-5419

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