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About Agnes

Agnes Prescott is co-founder of Collective Alchemists healing center and Master certified Reiki practitioner and teacher. Raised in the Alps of Switzerland, finding healing in nature has always come intuitively to Agnes. She has accumulated extensive knowledge in herbalism through advanced classes from the Elderberry School of Natural Medicine. What sets Agnes apart has been her self- driven, intuitive, tenacity to create a healthy and holistic life for herself and her loved ones, through years of practice and patience. In 2010 Agnes’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer, once again she was determined to find a holistic approach to support his health, examining western approaches and immersing herself in alternative therapies such as Rife frequency therapy, infrared bio-mat, ionic foot bath, nutrition, herbalism and many more. Agnes’ husband continues to maintain a good quality of life to this day. To learn more about the variety of therapies Agnes has utilized in her approach to holistic healing, or about her husband’s journey to health, feel free to inquire through her website. 

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328 WestMain Street,  

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

(503) 816-5419

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