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What is Herbalism?


There are many ways that herbs can be used to support vitality. Agnes views herbalism as a way of naturally treating the body through the use of plants.  She takes a holistic approach to herbalism and incorporates not only the use of medicinal herbs, but also highlights the importance of nourishing foods in ones diet. Herbs are not only helpful for healing the physical body, but can also be used for emotional and spiritual support.


Herbs are a part of everyday life for Agnes and she has found them to be essential on her healing path. She uses her personal experience, knowledge from her studies and an intuitive approach to inform this work.  Agnes offers teas, tinctures, and herbs that can be used topically. All of the formulations that Agnes provides are hand crafted and Reiki infused. Each of the plants she works with is grown in her garden, ethically wild crafted, or high quality and organically sourced.





Agnes offers herbal consultations in order to assist you in finding ways to incorporate plants into your life. She will spend an hour with you asking questions to understand the main concerns you are hoping to address.  Consultations will include questions about lifestyle, diet, sleep and more. All of the information gathered will help her to have an understanding of the ways in which herbs can be holistically supportive for you. Following the consultation, she will be able to make herbal recommendations, suggestions for lifestyle, and simple ways to incorporate healing foods into your life.

Self heal
St. John's wort
Yarrow and St. John's wort in a bowl
Different herbs drying
Dried Herbs
Tea herbs
Smudge sticks
Wild Rose
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