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Testimonials for the different treatments Agnes offers

I’ve been referred to Agnes from a good friend of mine, who swore by her! When he told me about the miracles he’s experiencing, I thought I’d give a session with her a try, though I was very skeptical. For a long while, I’ve dealt with physical issues that took a high emotional toll as well. I suffered from SIBO and candida that lead to other undesired side-effects like depression, anxiety, and unbearable exhaustion. When I was at my worst, it was hard for me to get out of bed and start my day. Every little movement was an effort. My life became a true misery, especially knowing all the things I’ve lost: When I was healthy – I was a fitness addict! I used to hike on a regular basis, and the IBS took this away from me. So you can probably understand my skepticism. “Reiki? What the hell is that going to do for me”? Well… a lot! Agnes’ magical touch has saved my life! Right from the first session, I’ve felt that all of the stuck emotions that were buried deep inside me have started to come up the surface. Something was shifting. I remember coming back home and couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt. I don’t think I’ve ever been that centered and grounded my entire life. Wow, what a feeling! I’ve decided to get the 5-session package, and so happy I did. Not only that I am RAPIDLY healing every day, but I also make better decisions. Before meeting Agnes, I have tried every diet and supplement under the sun! But nothing worked! Then, when I started to shed the emotional baggage, I suddenly chose different supplements that were suitable for me and my specific needs. Finally, I experienced healing, and it happened fast! I can’t thank Agnes enough for changing my life. I am a believer now. If you suffer from any physical or emotional condition, I highly recommend that you give it a try. I still don’t know exactly how this works, but who cares? I feel amazing now and that’s all that matters. Thank you Agnes for your wonderful work, you are truly gifted!                                               -Idith Moskovits-

I was divinely guided to Agnes this past year while I was in the depths of an emotional rock bottom. From early on in the consultation I knew I'd found the right place. The Reiki I received from Agnes provided so much support to me during this challenging time. I was able to move through the rock bottom with ease and grace and come out the other side in a matter of months with hope. Agnes has been such an angel for me, I can't recommend her enough.    -Rachel K.-

Agnes is amazing. I’ve worked with several Reiki practitioners in the past, and I’ve found Agnes to be the most sincere I’ve ever worked with. She is passionate about Reiki, an awesome teacher, and has the added benefit of herbal knowledge. Her tinctures and natural remedies are great! I wholeheartedly recommend Agnes. Working with her has been a real pleasure, and I’m delighted to have found such a gifted Reiki master here in Hillsboro!      -Lizzy L.-

I was diagnosed with knee damage that was severe enough that I was told I would need a knee replacement within 5 years. That was in 2011. I did a consultation with Agnes at A Path To Healing. She suggested that I try the alternative healing methods she had to offer. I made a commitment to do 3 sessions a week for 2 month. My sessions consisted of the Rife machine, detox foot baths, and Reiki on an Amethyst Bio-matt. After a month and a half I was able to start an exercise program to strengthen my knee. I went from limping and constant pain to long hikes pain free. Now it is 2019 and I am still pain free and active.

                                                                                                                         -Connye Corey-

Five years ago, I moved from a house to 3-bedroom apartment. The first week living at the apartment I experienced my first vertigo episode, the world spun violently. I was driving at the time and had to pull to the side of the highway. That was the start of continuous vertigo which was with me 24/7. I couldn’t walk down the sidewalk without staying close to the wall and could only concentrate a few feet ahead of where I was walking. If someone called out to me, I had to stop, secure myself to a wall to see who had spoken. In my house I walked as though I was swimming, one hand on the wall, reaching for furniture to prevent falls, one hand after the other to assure walking with stability.

A year ago, January the world spun for 3 days. I had to crawl around to get where I wanted to go. I went to the emergency room. MRIs and other procedures were done to make sure it wasn’t brain tumors. It was said they could do more neurologically tests to get to the root of my vertigo problem. Doctors didn’t seem to have an answer that didn’t involve major checking or surgery. I didn’t like the direction they were suggesting and thought to try the holistic approach.

Acupuncture was presented as an option. I did 2 procedures of acupuncture and it did help for a few hours and a few days. Then I thought I have to do something and stick with it to see if it could change things for the better.

I talked to Agnes and we went back to the first time I experienced Vertigo: We found it to be in the first week of moving from a house to a garden level apartment. I thought it to be from the extra physical activity I did in the move. When I moved out of the apartment, I found a wall covered with black mold. Agnes said after living with black mold it may be the source of my vertigo. Agnes explained that it could be filtered from my system with a device called a Rife machine. I was determined to relive myself of this plague, so I said let’s do it.

After treatments for about a month I started having more stable walking and standing. I wanted to continue the treatments because I was feeling more secure. We continued the treatments and after 6 weeks I experienced 2 to 3 days of very little Vertigo. After another week stability was much better. I found myself walking as I used to before the Vertigo. It was changing my life, feeling normal. The gloom of being handicapped was going away. I felt alive again. A total of 2 1/2 months I was close to normal but may have to do a follow up if some of this reoccurs. The best part of this is, I will be able to dance with my lady friend. Thank you, Agnes, for helping me from the uncertainty of the future and helping me live the life I can.                                                              -Dave Thayer-


Working with Agnes has been one of the best things I have done in my life.  She has helped me to learn about different ways to heal using nature and my own spirit.  She is a Godsend.                                                                                                       -Dave Shepp-


If you are experiencing stress, pain or just feeling unbalanced, I highly recommend getting a Reiki treatment from Agnes with A Path To Healing. My personal experience is that of total relaxation as the healing energy of Reiki moved through my body.               

                                                                                                                      -Connye Corey-

I also came to Agnes for vertigo, which had plagued me for a year or so, having tried all kinds of remedies to eliminate it without success.  With just one session using the rife machine and foot bath, it totally disappeared and has not reoccurred.  That was 6 months ago!  She thought it might have had to do with my thyroid problem and when I got that tested just recently, it too is completely normal now.  I would unconditionally recommend Agnes.  She seems to intuitively know the root cause of an issue and uses therapies which stimulate our own healing mechanisms.                          -Mona Bryant-


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